Friday, May 19, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ#1: I'm from a disadvantaged background and cannot manage the fee...
A partial fee waiver is available on a seat, for an applicant from a disadvantaged background. The amount waived depends on the financial condition of the applicant. 

To apply for this, you:
• Must be an Indian national. Preference will be given to applicants under 25; and to applicants recommended by NGOs that work with youth. We especially encourage women to apply.
• A special interview will be required towards this seat. Other terms and conditions apply, and documents may also be required.

FAQ#2: I'm not from Delhi. Can I still join?
Definitely. Participants from as far away as Hyderabad, Patna, Bangalore etc. have joined our courses in past years.
• Please apply using the Online Form liked above.
• If you can't attend the interaction, we'll hold it online by Skype for you.
• Fees will need to be submitted online.

We do not provide accommodation, but are happy to assist you with info about budget hostels, PG facilities and home stays nearby.

FAQ#3: I'm not from India. How do I join?
We’re delighted to welcome international participants. We’ve had participants from Spain, UK and Norway with us in past programmes. Please apply using the Online Form for the programme of your choice.

Please note that admissions are open to those foreign nationals who are already in India, or can reach here on their own before a course begins. We regret that we cannot help with visa-related matters.

HAVE OTHER QUERIES? Email us your questions and concerns. Include your phone nos. and request a counseling. We'll have the right person phone you back. email: impulsemail AT gmail DOT com