Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Craft of Documentary

Free / Contributory Workshop, Delhi

Many people think that documentaries are merely about an "issue" and the "message". However, even as the documentary engages with the world around us, it is also an art form like other kinds of cinema.

This workshop deconstructs a documentary to reveal how elements of film-craft – cinematography, sound design, editing and the narrative structure – all work towards creating meaning, mood and impact.

Please note that this workshop does not involve any shooting or editing.

Duration: 3-4 hours, including Q & A
Level: Beginner and Intermediate


Aimed at all documentary film enthusiasts; media and journalism students; student film societies; and anyone who engages with documentaries as part of their work-profile, like people in the development sector and NGOs.

Age: 15+ years. Working knowledge of English.

OPTION 01: Get your college / school / institution to organise this workshop.

We offer this workshop free of charge to student clubs and film societies in govt. schools and colleges, subject to some terms and conditions. To organise: Read the T&C here and email us.

We also offer this workshop to private schools / NGOs / other organisations who wish to host it. In such cases, we might request an honorarium for our efforts. Please read the T&C above and email us.

OPTION 02: We also organise this workshop independently from time to time, on a not-for-profit basis.
Anyone may apply. Participants are required to make a modest contribution to help us recover organising costs.

Enter your contact info here, and we will email you once admissions open. https://goo.gl/vp7u9X